Hi Debi,
I just want to tell you and your husband thank you for all your creative and beautiful presentation, from the centerpieces to the candy bar placement.
Everyone is still talking about the details that were in effect.
Betty T.                         January 2014

Hi Debi and Jack,
I just wanted to let you know the table cards were fabulous. Everyone loved them, especially our daughter Lauren. They were so unique and
wonderfully done. It was a pleasure working with you, looking forward to doing it again for our son in 2014. I will definitely be contacting you.
Thank you and have a great day.
Lisa S.                    October 2014

Hi guys,
Just want to let you know that we have received the bill boards I think last Friday. Nicely done. Your response time and commitment to the
customer was greatly appreciated.
I am glad that after searching many sights that I found yours. You waited and answered questions in a timely matter.
Thank you
Denise                              August 2014

Hi Debi,
WOW!!!   I received the order and first I want to thank you so very much for getting this out in such a short time.  You went far above the call duty to
finish this and everything is beautiful.   You have been so kind, pleasant and sweet to ensure I would have this in time for late deciding clients.  I
will be thrilled to use your services again and would enthusiastically recommend you to anyone and everyone.   Thanks a bunch,
Karyn                             April 2013

Dear Debi and Jack
I wrote this letter to tell you much we loved the decorations you did for our daughters Bat Mitzvah. Our daughter was thrilled with her Broadway
centerpieces, the candle lighting, her name in lights and her very special place cards. Your prices were very reasonable and the decorations were
absolutely amazing! It was interesting how living in Vermont we were able to find you in Houston, Texas.  The unpacking and set-up was a breeze. I
loved working with you and Jack, you were very professional and easy to work with.
Betsy  H.       August 2013

Dear Debi,
After looking at your decorations on line, I was impressed. I decided to have you design the decorations and was pleased to learn that there
wouldn't be a problem shipping to California. You shipped everything with instructions. The assembly process was extremely simple. I loved
working with you and you husband. You were professional and a pleasure to deal with. You were very accommodating to all our requests, Your
prices are very reasonable and your decorations are absolutely amazing.    
Debbie H        March 2013

Hi Debi,
We received the girls place cards. Thank you so much for doing that for us. We have received many compliments on the party and have given your
name out. Hope you can get more business from our party.
Thank you again for everything.       
Karen    May 2012

Just a quick note to let you know that you (and your husband) were appreciated by us.  Everyone whom we spoke with mentioned that they felt like
they were entering a pasture when the came into the room.  The table center pieces and name sign and other decorations were beautiful...and
yes, I (Philip) liked the Clydesdales.
Thank you for everything that you did to make the entire weekend go so smoothly.              
Philip and Razelle                       June 2011

Dear Debi:
I just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful center pieces for Elaina's Bat Mitzvah.  The room looked absolutely gorgeous last night and we
got a ton of compliments on your work.
Thank you again                                                          
Marjan                                              March 2010

Hi Debi-
Everything was wonderful!  Thank you so much for all your help and all your talent.
You and your crew were terrific to work with and we loved the place cards, candle lighting piece, and the guest book!
Thanks again-                                                           Heather                                                                               February 2010

Dear Debi:
I just wanted to let you know,how BEAUTIFUL, PROFESSIONAL, AND PLEASED  I was with the tickets you created for my son's Bar Mitzvah.....I
Never in a million years expected to have the quality and creativity that these tickets had.   I know for a fact, that each ticket was kept by each guest
as a souvenir from my son's Bar Mitzvah....After the celebration there was not one that was left behind.....
You were so delightful to work with, fast delivery, and had all the Best ideas to help me add to my son's special day.....  
Thank you so much, and I would HIGHLY recommend you to all my friends!!!!!
Warmest Regards                         Susan               June 2010
Hi, Debi and Jack.
I just have to say how beautiful everything came out.  You guys are truly artists!  The place cards are the coolest.  I couldn't even imagine how
creative they would turn out.  When I saw them, I was stunned.  Thank you so much.  You are now book marked in my computer in case I ever need
you again.
Sincerely,                                             Pam                 July 2010

Hi Debi & Jack,
I just wanted to send a big thank you. I received the place cards & the base yesterday. We absolutely love everything. I will certainly
recommend you to everyone. Thanks again.                           Cheryl  - March 2009

Dear Debi & Jack,
I am so happy that I found your website. It was by accident, you know!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the best accidents that I have ever stumbled upon. I couldn't be
happier with the product quality and you shipped in such a timely manor. The experience was totally painless and rather nice! You are great people
and extremely helpful!
Thank You,                                      Elana & Jake               South Florida            December 2008

Hi Debi.
Just a short note to thank you for the fabulous party.  We loved everything you did.
All the best.                               Mary (Cookie)  - August 2006 & June 2008

Hi Deb,
Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we were with the candle lighting piece you made for us. It was perfect! If you'd like to use us as a
reference, please don't hesitate.                   Thanks again,  Melissa - August 2008

I don't know if you remember me from two years ago-the magic theme bar mitzvah for my son Phillip.I cannot remember if I ever thanked you for all
your work and help in making Phillip's party so memorable and fun. If I did, then thank you again. If I did not, then I apologize deeply. A few weeks
after the bar mitzvah, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor (fortunately benign) and many items on my to-do list fell by the wayside.I am still trying to
get completely caught up two years later, and I almost there.
I did want to tell you again how much everyone loved the centerpieces and other decorations you two dreamed yp for us. Noone here, including the
special events sales person at the country club venue, has ever seen anything like those magic hats. You did a fantastic job and your efforts were
sincerely appreciated.
Tracey  - March 2008

Hi Debi and Jack
I just wanted to let you know that I received the table seating and place cards and they were beautiful! Just what we hoped for and the Candle
Lighting piece was stunning. Thank you for taking the time to work through all the details and being patient with all our questions. I will certainly
recommend you to all my family and friends.                      Amelia                                    Asst. Vice President

Hi Debi and Jack
Thank you for the great job you did for my son's bar mitzvah. Everything was beautiful and really created the atmosphere. Thanks again
Amy       November 2007

Hi Debi & Jack,
Barry & I just want to say THANK YOU so much for the  wonderful  job you did for us.
Everything turned out perfectly. It was a pleasure working with you both!!!                                      Sincerely,  Aaron & Barry - September 2006

There's nobody better than you, Debi and Jack! Thank you so much for making my daughter's party beautiful.
Adrienne    December 2008

Awesome job. Thanks again. I will recommend you to all.  Thanks                 Yvette & Neil  - July 2007

Dear Debi & Jack,
I love the place cards!!!  Wow!     Marci  - July 2009

Dear Debi, Jack & the whole crew,
I just wanted to let you know once again, that the candle lighting was perfect!
Thanks for everything!               Margie -  June 2007

I just wanted to tell you how great everything turned out. It was better than I could have imagined. I will definitly be calling for my daughter.
Jodi - January 2005

It was a wonderful party & you were terrific to work with.                  Laurie  - June 2005

Guy, guys, guys..... The ticket place cards were FABULOUS, as  was the sign-in book. Finding you on line was such a lucky break for us......speak to
you when its time for Benjamin's affair. Thanks again for everything.           Amy    October 2007

Got the package today.  The centerpieces and place cards  look GREAT.              Thanks, Debbie   May 2007

The name card football helmets were a huge hit. I could have sold the football field display at the end of the party. Everyone loved it
Thanks for everything!!!   Loren  - May 2008

Just wanted to say how much everyone loved the place cards. Thanks so much again with helping my party look amazing.       Dina  -  April 2006

Deb & Jack,
Thank you!!!  I didn't know what I was going to get when I asked you to do Brianna's boarding passes but I am VERY pleased. You were both
professional & knew exactly what we wanted. Thanks for the personal service.                     Lynn  - April 2004

Dear  Debi,
I want to thank you for the beautiful job you did on the centerpieces, place cards & table signs. They were exactly  what we wanted & we found you
incredibly easy to work with & reasonable priced. Thanks again.                        Amy  - April 2007

Thanks Debi & Jack!
The shirts looked awesome!  I'm glad I found your website!                                Alyssa - May 2002
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